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Adjust A Transaction - App
How to Adjust a Transaction. Visit http://www.gearcoinc.com for more information.

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Monday 26-Jul-2021
Adjust A Transaction - App
How to Adjust a Transaction. Visit http://www.gearcoinc.com for more information.
Payment Portal - Cloud Based Training
Learn more about accepting customer payments via the Online Payment Portal App. The Online Payment Portal allows in-house customers to pay for additional rentals and post payments to Gearco's...
Check Out - Cloud Based Training
Learn how to check out a guest. At a hotel, check out is normally required at the end of the stay. In some cases, payment maybe required upon check out or in other cases, such as pre-paid hotels,...
Adjustment - Cloud Based Training
Learn how to adjust money on a posted transaction. When a transaction needs to be modified, an adjustment can be made to debit or credit the transaction. This cloud based training video shows...
Do Not Rent - Cloud Based Training
Learn about the Do Not Rent App. Sometimes at a hotel, you maybe required to take action against unwanted guests. The Do Not Rent App tags a guest profile to prevent any further or future transacti...

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